In this week’s Hoplinks, a beer destination shutters, Virginians grow some hops, a brewer brews a milestone, a couple West Coast breweries expand, and some Scots poke fun at America. Catch up on all this news and more and be sure to let us know what we missed in the comments.

LINCOLN PARK, CHICAGO — After just four years of operation, Beer Bistro North has closed down in the DePaul neighborhood of Lincoln Park. The spinoff of the popular West Loop location had long tried to coax a larger customer base outside of the college crowd, but apparently was unable to do so. Here’s hoping something else fills the Fullerton Avenue space soon. [Eater]

BLACKSBURG, VA — Researchers at Virginia Tech have received grants to expand their study into the viability of bringing back hop growing to their state. While not a place that usually springs to mind when thinking hops, Virginia was once a major producer in colonial times. The school expects the study to take at least three years before they can determine how hops grow in the region’s challenging environment. [The Roanoke Times]

NEWPORT, OR — On August 18, Rogue Ales’ John Maier brewed his 20,000th batch of Rogue beer: 20,000 Brews by the Sea. He describes the beer as a “complexity bomb” that honors this remarkable achievement. The beer uses 20 varieties of hops, 20 specialty malts, has a 20 year shelf life, will be brewed to 20 degrees plato, and will be bottle conditioned for 20 days. Maier arrived to brew his first batch of beer for the Oregon brewery in 1989, after graduating from the Siebel Institute. [THR Wire]

BOULDER, CO  — There are a lot of beer apps out there and most leave a lot to be desired. This week however, the

American Homebrewers Association released Brew Guru, the self-proclaimed Pokémon GO for catching great beer deals. The app also promises brewing knowledge, money-saving deals and local information on breweries, bars and homebrew supply shops. [THR Wire]

ANAHEIM, CA — Bruery Terreux, the wild and sour ale spinoff of The Bruery, has officially opened their highly anticipated tasting room and facility just a few miles from their parent brewery. The new space features over 1,700 barrels dedicated to sours and wild ales. If you find yourself out in SoCal, but sure to stop by and let us know how it goes. [THR Wire]

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — Green Flash, the countries 45th largest craft brewery, announced they’ll be opening their East Coast production facility and taproom on November 13th. As with several West Coast breweries who’ve made the trek east, Green Flash wants the new facility to provide fresher, cheaper beer to their fans on the other side of the country. [THR Wire]

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND — In a very well timed gimmick, Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has brewed the “world’s first truth telling beer” and sent a bottle to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The beer contains a “truth serum” consisting of Licorice root, Mullein and Vine essence, ensuring that no lies will pass the drinker’s lips. [THR Wire]


Photograph of Bruery Terreux® provided by The Bruery®.