In this week’s Hoplinks, a local brewery gets a new name, cannabis beer might be a thing, a Texan brewery pokes fun at the internet, another brewery is bought out, and a favorite beer show gets a second season.

PLAINFIELD, IL — The suburban brewery previously known as Nevin’s Draft Company now seems to be known as Midnight Pig Beer. We’re still not sure if this is a permanent name change as there doesn’t seem to be any statement from the company through official channels. Either way, thoughts on the new name? [Facebook]

CHICAGO, IL — Chicago based Constellation Brands, owners of Corona, Ballast Point, and many other alcohol brands, have invested a controlling stake in a Canadian marijuana company. They’re intent is to eventually create cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks. Whether this is a good idea that anyone is actually asking for remains to be seen. [GlobalData]

HOUSTON, TX — Houston based Saint Arnold Brewing released Cut with Bread Pudding, a Christmas Ale with vanilla and cinnamon that’s

named after idiots on the internet. The name originates from a reddit user who claimed the brewery was cutting their beer with “bread,” when in fact he was told they were using “brett” or brettanomyces. [reddit]

HINDMARSH, AUSTRALIA — One of the most popular breweries in Australia is now under the AB InBev umbrella after it was announced Pirate Life Brewing were acquired this week. The brewery aims to build a new production facility and begin greater distribution over seas as they look to expand their brand. [BrewsNews]

USA — Golden Road is teaming up with TV channel Viceland for a second season of BEERLAND. Premiering December 7th, Meg Gill, founder of Golden Road, travels everywhere except Chicago to discover the best homebrewers in each location. The winner gets to distribute their creation through the breweries expansive channels. Catch the trailer below. [THR Wire]


Photo of cases at Penrose Brewing, from our 2015 interview — by Jack Muldowney.