In this week’s Hoplinks, US beer passes yet another milestone, we celebrate the end of an era, a beer haven gets official recognition, global brewing hotspots are recognized, and the Irish look to sell more beer.

USA — Less than 14 months ago, the US craft beer industry celebrated more than 4,000 breweries and shortly thereafter surpassed the pre-Prohibition peak of 4,131. Just over a year later, there are now over 5,000 breweries in this country. Where this stops, no one knows, but it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. [Porch Drinking]

USA — Yesterday, December 5th, marked the 83rd anniversary of Repeal Day, the end of Prohibition in America and the beginning of a slow and steady movement to the state of beer we have today. To celebrate, here are five interesting facts about the end of the era. [Constitution Daily]

BELGIUM — Everyone knows Belgium is a special place for beer. But that’s now official as UNESCO has added the country’s beer scene to their “list of intangible cultural heritage.” This should ensure certain protections for the way beer is treated in Belgium, though we doubt it was in any danger of disappearing. [Flanders News]

USA — It’s official in Belgium, but there are plenty of other countries with special beer cultures. CNN breaks down other countries with impressive beer cultures and evidence for why they stand out. All significant beer scenes but something tells us a few left out countries would have something to say about this. [CNN]

IRELAND — It’s hard to imagine going to your favorite brewery for a tour and not being able to sample the goods or take some home for later. That’s the reality in Ireland, where craft brewers are pushing for a law change in hopes it will promote beer tourism. [The Irish Times]

BEER — More breweries in this country means more taprooms, more bars, and just more places to enjoy a good beer. As more and more entrepreneurs jump on the bandwagon, an insightful guide on how to open a bar is a great resource. Whether or not your own bar is in your future, this is a great guide to see what your favorite local spot is doing right or wrong. [Bond Street]


Photo of the wall of bottles at Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels, Belgium — by Tom White.