In this week’s Hoplinks, Buckeyes get bigger beers, two huge companies are set to merge, a brewery plans to open in wine country, a event runs us through the beer alphabet, and “underrated” breweries are put in yet another list. Let us know what else we missed in the world of beer in the comments.

OHIO — Craft brewers in Ohio got a huge boost this week as Governor John Kasich signed a bill to rid the state of their archaic 12% ABV limit on beer. Local brewers and craft beer fans have long been clamoring for the removal of the law and the change is expected to help stimulate the state’s growing industry. [WFMJ]

USA — The US Justice Department is poised to approve AB InBev’s takeover of SABMiller. Rumored to be part of the agreement are measures to prevent the soon-to-be international beer behemoth from crowding out craft breweries, including (hopefully) divulging which wholesalers the new company will own. [Daily Journal] 

NAPA, CA — Stone Brewing has begun renovations on a

10,000 sq ft historic building in downtown Napa with plans to open their third outpost in the state. Situated in the famous wine country, the new location will feature a 10 bbl brewhouse and will brew beers inspired by the local geography. [THR Wire]

LAKEVIEW, CHICAGO — It’s tough to find unique beer events in today’s crowded calendar but June 25th’s AlphaBeer from The Local Tourist certainly qualifies. The 15th iteration of the event returns to AJ Hudson’s and features 26 beers, representing each letter of the alphabet. [THR Wire]

USA — Paste Magazine has put together a list of the most underrated breweries in each state. As always with these lists, there’s plenty to debate and some questionable choices. But, this is why we have lists on beer sights right? [Paste]


Rendering of Stone’s Napa brewery from their press release.