In this week’s Hoplinks, a Natural Villain is born, craft drinkers are healthy(er) drinkers, the best biergartens are listed, the history of beer is summed up in one graphic, and an Irish short film highlights the importance of your post-work pint.

CHICAGO – Goose Island is continuing it’s annual Pitchfork Music Festival collaboration series, this time with Chicago’s own Twin Peaks. This year’s brew is a “garage lager” named Natural Villain. The beer will premier the week of Pitchfork at bars city-wide. The brewery released the video below to announce the band’s tie-in. [THR Wire]

RAVENSWOOD, CHICAGO – Speaking of music, culinary brewery Band of Bohemia is featuring gypsy-jazz guitarist, Alfonso Ponticelli today (6/30) from 8:30-10:30. There’s no cover charge for the unique event and walk-ins are welcome. [THR Wire]

USA – A new study suggests craft beer drinkers live healthier lives than non-craft drinkers. Younger craft drinkers in particular showed a tendency to treat alcohol as a treat, particularly on weekends. We can’t say any of this is a huge surprise though it would be interesting to see further research done in this area. [Fox News]

USA – We’re big fans of beer garden’s at The Hop Review (who isn’t?) and we have our go-to locations for a beer in the sun throughout the city. When traveling, we’re always looking for the best spots for outdoor drinking and this list of the 17 best biergartens in America is a great starting point. [Made Men]

WORLD – The history of beer is an ancient and fascinating story, and one you could spend an entire lifetime studying. If you don’t have time for that, check out this infographic that summarizes the evolution of “the world’s most beloved beverage,” from it’s humble origins in 4300 BC to the behemoth beer has become today. [Equip Supply]

DUBLIN, IRELAND – The award-winning short film “The Struggle of Libations“ highlights the story of your typical Irish Stout drinker and the loyalty to his post-work pint. Embedded below, we’d highly recommend taking eight minutes to watch, even if the quirky film may raise more questions than it answers. [Slim Horse Productions]


Header label image of the Pitchfork collaboration beer Natural Villain — Goose Island