In this week’s Hoplinks, an east coast staple works their way west, a unique beer hotel and sour brewery looks for funding in Ohio, some disgruntled drinkers believe they were misled, and the future of Japanese craft beer looks bright.

INDIANA — The largest craft brewery in the country by volume is moving one state closer to Chicago. Yuengling announced plans to begin distribution of their entire portfolio to the Hoosier state this spring. The move will undoubtedly please east coast transplants and those looking for a decent and cheap lawnmower beer. [Indy Star]

CANAL WINCHESTER, OH — Scottish brewer BrewDog unveiled plans to open the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel and sour brewery. “The DogHouse will be by far the most beer-centric accommodation in the world, featuring an IPA hot tub, taps in every room, food pairings, and even a beer fridge in the shower. If this seems farfetched, the Indiegogo campaign is already at 190% of it’s goal… so this is actually happening. [THR Wire]

USA — A couple disgruntled drinkers are suing AB affiliate Craft Brew Alliance, claiming they mislead buyers with their Kona Brewing brand. While the brewery does maintain a location in Hawaii, the brand is also brewed in several locations countrywide. We’re not sure how this is different to any large brewery that contract brews in another location, but we’ll let the lawyers decide that. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

JAPAN — While Japan is home to some of the world’s finest craft beer, it’s still not easy to come by, even within the country. Beginning in 2018, new tax and adjunct laws will help relieve the cost associated with high quality beer. In theory, this should make it a whole lot easier for the little guy to get by in a country dominated by macro swill. For more on the Japanese craft beer scene, check out our Detours series[Beverage Trade Network]


Photo of the bar at Y. Market Brewing in Nagoya, Japan from our 2016 Detour — by Tiffany Yang.