In this week’s Hoplinks, CCBW is less than a week away, we fill out our calendar, a second Chicago brewery closes shop, an un-American brewery calls itself American, and prohibition looks to make a comeback. Let us know your thoughts and CCBW plans in the comments below.

CHICAGO — The biggest week in the life of a windy city craft beer drinker is fast approaching and already dozens of fantastic Chicago Craft Beer Week are filling up our calendar. Check out the full lineup through the CCBW event planner and be sure to stop by The Hop Review’s very own Ultra Fresh Brews event at Bitter Pops on May 27th. Admission is free! [CCBW]

CHICAGO — Speaking of CCBW, Justin Maynard of the Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild and the always entertaining Chett Brett of Church Street chat with the guys at Chicago Beer Pass. There’s a great wrap up of last week’s CBC in Philly and a look ahead to the soon-to-be craziness that is CCBW. Also, check out our interviews with both Justin and Chett[Chicago Beer Pass]

ALBANY PARK, CHICAGO — Rumors have been circulating for weeks surrounding the future of one of the city’s newest brewpubs, Breakroom Brewery, and the space’s potential future. With very short notice, the brewery closed completely last weekend and it was announced that

Finch’s Brewing will be taking over their space[Eater, Guys Drinking Beer]

USA — Brewing giant AB-InBev made waves again this week as they announced their flagship Budweiser will be renamed America through the general election. As always, the craft community overreacted with opinions coming in left and right

USA — The nation’s oldest third party is attempting to make a comeback, albeit a very small one. The Prohibition Party, founded in 1879, has been losing members since the end of Prohibition in the 1930’s. This interview with the current leader and Presidential candidate Jim Hedges shows the uphill struggle the party has to convince people that they should put down their drinks. [The Guardian]

Photograph by Tom White during a 2014 visit to Albany Park’s Finch’s Brewing