In this week’s Hoplinks, a chef continues to collaborate, a brewery saves some turtles, another buys some Bud, infection continues to be an issue, the importance of branding is discussed, and a very old beer is recreated. Let us know what else we missed in the last week in the comments and enjoy Craft Beer Week!

LOOP, CHICAGO — After leaving the Fountainhead restaurant group earlier this year, Chef Cleetus Friedman is launching a new bar food and beer/cocktail pairing menu at Caffè Baci downtown. To celebrate, they’re launching a collaboration themed happy hour called 255@5. We’re very familiar with Friedman’s affinity for collaborating with local breweries after our interview with him at Fountainhead last year. [THR Wire]

WEST LOOP, CHICAGO — The Bourbon County infection saga continues as more reports are surfacing of tainted bottles. To their credit, Goose Island is being upfront and transparent about the issue, addressing it briefly in this Facebook post (and through the comments) and promising an update from Brewmaster Jared Jankoski later this week. [Goose Island Facebook]

DELRAY BEACH, FL — Saltwater Brewery has invented edible six-pack holders that aim to feed, rather than kill local marine life when they inevitably end up in the ocean. The brewery aims to get some of the big-guys on board with their idea, which hopefully allow them to decrease the cost of production. [Huffington Post]

FORT COLLINS, CO — Often lost in the slew of new breweries opening every week are some of the older brands slowly slipping, in some cases, into irrelevance. A huge part of avoiding that unfortunate future is a focus on a modern, appealing, and unique brand. This feature interview with the owner of Fort Collins Brewery shows the importance of branding in today’s crowded market. Be sure to check out our ongoing Beer & Branding series for more on this front. [Market Watch]

BUFFALO, NY — A small New York brewery is paying locals to drop off unopened cans of Anheuser-Busch beers. The brewery aims to prevent the Unintended Consumption of Anheuser-Busch (UCAB) and is offering $1 off per beer in their taproom. No word on how they feel about other big breweries or macro-owned breweries. [THR Wire]

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danish brewer Carlsberg have recreated their original lager recipe from 1883. They used a “Jurassic Park” style techniques to recover the original, 133 year-old live yeast strain from a bottle found in their cellars. Watch the interesting yet completely over the top video below for more info on their process. [THR Wire]


Photograph by Jack Muldowney, from our 2015 interview with Cleetus Friedman at Fountainhead in Ravenswood, Chicago