Drinking Alone

The solo beer gets stigmatized, but we’ll take one any day.


If you’ve spent any time in San Francisco, you’ve likely quaffed a beer in the company of a canine or two. The city is super dog-friendly, allowing pooches into bars and restaurants without so much as a second thought. One time, back when I lived in the Marina neighborhood, I was at a local dive with a golden retriever sleeping at my feet and a chihuahua sitting next to me on the bar itself.

While I might draw the line at allowing dogs onto the actual bar, I think it’s high time dogs were allowed into more bars. Sure, there are some health concerns to iron out, and dogs, unlike children, are something people are actually allergic to. But it’s 2017; let’s put our heads together and make this happen.

I live in Boston, a city more awash in dogs than you’re likely to find anywhere. (A city also awash in horribly antiquated alcohol laws.) I can bring my giant puppy into coffee shops, hotels, and the liquor store. But if I want to enjoy an afternoon pint, she’s got to stay home or remain outside on the sidewalk. It’s a total bummer and it’s cramping my style.

Before you get on my case, I know: Some restaurant patios allow pets, and taprooms tend to be pretty dog-friendly as well. (Though that’s a trend that’s starting to tip the other way.) The problem is my neighborhood isn’t home to any such options, at least not yet. So making this magic happen has to involve a car ride, and parking, and only having like three beers so I can drive home…woof.

If a dog is man’s best friend, a cold beer has got to be a close second. Combining those two things into an establishment with a nice atmosphere and a solid food menu seems like a no-brainer to me. And there are some examples of places doing it right, like Lucky Dog in Charlotte, NC, which is a dog park, kennel, and full-service bar all rolled into one. More like Lucky Human, amiright?

Anyway, if anyone reading this is considering opening a bar in Charlestown, MA, make it dog-friendly and I’ll pull up a stool every damn day. And I guarantee I won’t be alone.