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Like it or not, the drink you order can say an awful lot about who you are. If you’re on a date, you better believe that lucky someone eyeing you from across the table is reading way more into everything than they should. And that goes double for the Corona you just carelessly ordered with your fillet.

There’s no such thing as a perfect date beer. But just like what you’re wearing, different venues and vibes call for different plans of attack. Unless your plan is to get as blitzed as possible (and to that, I’d say, what kind of dates are you going on??) a little nuance can go a long way.

Our Beer Date Checklist:

1. Potential mates often find decisiveness attractive. Stumbling over a draft menu for 10 minutes is not decisive. Go in with a gameplan, okay?

2. When in doubt, order a Guinness. It’s a great beer with tons of history that’s low-carb and high on flavor. It usually makes for a good conversation starter, too.

3. But don’t make a habit of stouts. Like red wine, these can stain the pearly whites. Not a good look.

4. Have a style in mind. Asking the serving for a recommended stout or IPA is classy. Telling them to bring out the best beer in the building is pretentious.

5. Mind your ABVs. If you start stacking up 9 percent Imperial Stouts, things are going to go downhill fast.

6. Ease into it. Order beers from simple to complex – like any other setting, that pale ale is going to taste like water if you start with a few DIPAs.

7. Ask your server for a recommendation. This will show you’re a caring person who listens to and respects the advice of others. Good move, Casanova.

8. While you’re at it, ask what pairs well with your entree. Getting a steak? It’ll taste better with something subtler, like a pale ale.

9. Go local. Generally every bar or restaurant worth its salt–er, beer– has a host of local brews in bottles or on draft. Supporting local businesses is sexy, and typically fresh.

10. Ask your date what they’re having. Then get the same. Trying new things is part of the reason you’re here in the first place after all, right? And if you hate it, it’ll make for a great toast at your wedding.

11. Pace yourself. I know, duh. But seriously, you don’t need to be a prude, but you don’t need to drink 5 more beers than your date, either.

12. Try something new. Be adventurous. Your date will dig it. Even if you don’t end up digging the beer itself.

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