Craft beer’s biggest week! The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC)! Half of the Hop Culture team was popping around Denver, CO and sharing some beers with all of our beer friends during CBC last week. We’re back in NYC for a few days before flying out to sunny California for Juicy Brews WestFest in Oakland. We’ll be throwing the festival at Drake’s Dealership and proceeds from the event are going to City Slicker Farms, a local food justice organization.

Before leaving for the West Coast, we’ve managed to enjoy some wonderful beer at Hop Culture HQ. Here are five of the best beers we drank from April 8th to the 15th.


Temescal Brewing — Oakland, CA

Pilsner — Speaking of Oakland, Temescal is easily one of the best breweries in the East Bay. The colorful and progressive brewery masters nearly every style they try, from modern, juicy IPAs to traditional lagers. Pils is a great example of Temescal’s brewing prowess. A lightly hoppy, refreshing pilsner that is perfect for a sunny Oakland day.

Editor’s Note: Temescal Brewing will be at Juicy Brews WestFest at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, CA on April 20. Tickets are available here.

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Color of Insanity

REVE Brewing — Atlantic Beach, FL

Berliner Weisse — This beer was insane. The vibrant color popped in the glass and the lush fruity aroma filled the room. There was a pleasant tartness that never got too sour and the lactic note that’s typical of berliner weisses remained in check. It was full on flavor so I wouldn’t say its as refreshing as Temescal Pils, but it was a lovely beer that is best shared with friends. If you want to blow their minds.

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From Around Here

Bond Brothers Beer Co. — Cary, NC

Saison — Bond Brothers’ From Around Here series highlights the agriculture of North Carolina by incorporating local ingredients in a canned saison. We tried the second iteration of the series, which used thyme, rosemary, and apples, and absolutely enjoyed it. There were some traditional saison esthers with a touch of sweetness owed to the apples. It was a slight riff on the style but had the trademark freshness of a good farmhouse ale. Get your hands on a 4-pack and enjoy an afternoon in the Tar Heel state.

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Don Senderson

Humble Sea + Cellarmaker — Santa Cruz, CA + San Francisco, CA

Double NE IPA — Oh a silly and delicious beer from Humble Sea? How shocking. The Santa Cruz brewery teamed up with Cellarmaker to brew a special anniversary foggy IPA. The can art was irreverent and wonderful. The beer full of expressive juicy flavors with a touch of typical West Coast dankness. If you don’t have a chance to try this beer, I’d recommend seeking out any of Humble Sea’s releases because they are full on flavor and full on fun!

Editor’s Note: Humble Sea and Cellarmaker will be at Juicy Brews WestFest at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland, CA on April 20. Tickets are available here.

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Pueblo Vida Brewing Co. — Tucson, AZ

NE IPA — Pueblo Vida has helped lead the brewing charge in Arizona. The state has been producing incredible beer for the last few years thanks to breweries like Arizona Wilderness, Wren House, and Pueblo Vida. We’ve had Maximalism in the past, but every time we get to try this beer is a delight. The artwork alone is enough to win us over, but the flavor is jam-packed with explosive juicy notes. We tasted a little bit of pineapple, peach, and even some mango! It led with a wave of sweet fruity flavors and ended in a lightly bitter finish.

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