The 13 Best Beers for Spring

New weather, new beer. Hello sunshine!


This week is American Craft Beer Week, which we’ll be celebrating with copious amounts of craft beer, as we do every week, and by running daily roundups of our favorite articles around a certain theme. Today we take a look at the people behind the craft beer revolution. For head brewers to bartenders to bartenders, the craft beer movement is as much about the people as it is the beer.

Below you’ll find some of most thought provoking interviews of 2017. Remember to #beeritforward.

A Pint with Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery

Hop Culture sits down with Brooklyn Brewery’s brewmaster to talk socks, sours, and social justice.

One-Liner: “In a film, there’s a thing you’re trying to get across, it’s the story. The beer, in a way, is also story.”

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A Pint with the Cofounder of Russian River

We sat down with Natalie Cilurzo to talk about world-class IPAs, sours, and a second brewery location.

One-Liner: “Honestly, I think it’s because brewers make what they like to drink. Having watched Vinnie brew sour beers for a long time, I know that the first people interested in sours were other brewers. They enjoy the sour process. It’s different. It’s not a hoppy IPA, pilsner, or porter. It takes a lot of effort and time, and there are a lot of unknown factors. Sour brings the mystery back into brewing, and any brewer likes to learn new things and push the envelope.”

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A Pint with Tyler Sildve, Brewer at Oxbow Brewing

Oxbow Brewing’s Tyler “Titu” Sildve talks about hops, Hill Farmstead, and White House security clearances.

One-Liner: “For us here at Oxbow, we also have to say Hill Farmstead. Those guys up there, their production manager Vasili is absolutely killing it. The stuff that they’re doing in eliminating dissolved oxygen in all parts of their process is definitely inspiring as someone that spends every day in a cellar. Their work and time and the consideration that goes into every beer is certainly evident.”

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A Pint with Jeffrey Stuffings, Founder of Jester King

The master of funk and infection shares his secret.

One-Liner: “The name itself is actually a reference from King Lear. The “Jester King” was the wise fool who existed outside of the mainstream bounds or authority of the crown and was able to poke fun at authority without being executed. We felt it was a good analogy for our role in the craft beer world.”

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A Pint with Crooked Stave Head Brewer Danny Oberle

A year into their new brewery, the sour brewer talks going clean, spinning styles, and the new wild trend.

One-Liner: One of my favorite parts of my job, and Crooked Stave in general, is changing people’s minds on what beer can taste like.

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