About a year ago, the Brewers Association (BA) unveiled the independent craft brewer seal, a logo designed to drive awareness, preference, and sales of beer from small, independent U.S. craft brewers. The seal was created to help differentiate between the products made by independent craft breweries and “crafty” beer actually made by Big Beer Companies like AB InBev. At the time of writing, breweries producing over 75 percent of all independent craft volume have signed on to display the seal on cans, bottles, growlers, tap handles, brewery taprooms, and more.

The seal, depicting an upturned bottle and the word “Independent,” represents independent craft brewer brands, which yield higher dividends for retailers. The Brewers Association shared the findings of a recent Nielsen study which stated that independent craft consumers purchase 43 percent more frequently per year compared to the buyers of Big Beer acquired brands. Moreover, independent craft beer has a 24 percent higher household penetration than breweries acquired by macro-beer.

“Independence not only matters, it pays and rewards both retailers and beer lovers,” said Julia Herz, craft beer program director at the Brewers Association. “Beer drinkers express that transparency and underlying ownership can drive their purchase intent.”

To continue to encourage breweries and retailers to display the independent craft brewer seal, the BA has launched a retail program that includes POS materials for distributors, bars, restaurants, breweries, and bottle shops. Beer buyers have demonstrated that transparency and authenticity are key motivations when supporting breweries. The independent craft brewer seal lets drinkers know they’re supporting independent craft breweries.

The Brewers Association is demonstrating its commitment to independent breweries by providing retailers with the tools to support independent craft beer. By displaying the independent craft seal on menus, tap handles, coolers, and marketing materials, bars and bottle shops have the chance to help beer drinkers make more educated choices.

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