What do three cats, a photographer wandering her way through California, and a young craft enthusiast sporting some of the rarest beers around have in common? They’re all a part of Hop Culture’s new Brand Ambassador program! This is something we’ve wanted to launch for a while and finally found the bandwidth to make it happen. Essentially, it’s a collaboration between our brand and a couple of creators we really dig. Every few months, we’ll cycle the ambassadors to give a platform to new creators.

Without further ado, we’re proud to announce @lorenzothebeercat, @gurl.lost, and @theyoungcraftenthusiast as our inaugural Hop Culture ambassadors. Over the next couple months, they’ll be the eyes, ears, and lenses keeping pulse on what’s happening in Hop Culture world and beyond.

If you’re interested in meeting our ambassadors, we’ll all be kicking it at Untappd Beer Festival: San Diego at Petco Park from October 1st to October 3rd. Tickets are available here. And of course, give each of our ambassadors (@lorenzothebeercat, @gurl.lost, and @theyoungcraftenthusiast) a follow on Instagram for some awesome content!

Say Hello to Hop Culture’s Summer 2021 Brand Ambassadors

Let’s take a look at each of our ambassadors and found out what makes them shine so brightly.

@lorenzothebeercat (aka Scott and Amber Peluso)

lorenzo the beer cat
Photography courtesy of Scott Peluso (@lorenzothebeercat)

What’s Your Horoscope Sign? Scorpio (Scott).

What’s Your Spirit Beer? Other Half Brewing DDH Mylar Bags.

What’s Your Favorite “Hidden-Gem” Brewery? Obercreek Brewing Co.

What’s Your Favorite Beer Industry Experience? Raising $7,000 for the ASPCA through beer donations, giveaways, and by hosting a VIP whale share at Other Half. This all culminated in Amber running the NYC Marathon!

Other Than Drinking Beer, What Do You Do For Fun? I coach basketball for my daughter and son. I also love watching sports like football, baseball, and basketball.


the young craft enthusiast
Photography courtesy of Roman Estareja (@theyoungcraftenthusiast)

What’s Your Horoscope Sign? Gemini.

What’s Your Spirit Beer? Lambic.

What’s Your Favorite “Hidden-Gem” Brewery? Homage Brewing.

What’s Your Favorite Beer Industry Experience? Festivals.

Other Than Drinking Beer, What Do You Do For Fun? Playing golf, volleyball, and pickleball.


Photography courtesy of Milan Freeman (@gurl.lost)

What’s Your Horoscope Sign? Cancer.

What’s Your Spirit Beer? Vienna Lager.

What’s Your Favorite “Hidden-Gem” Brewery? Arrow Lodge Brewing.

What’s Your Favorite Beer Industry Experience? The very, very first beer festival I was invited to as a “beer influencer” was the Concord Spring Brews Festival. I can’t wait for beer fests to come back again!

Other Than Drinking Beer, What Do You Do For Fun? Photography, travel, road trips, and anything that involves the outdoors!