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If you’re having friends or family over – especially to drink – you’re going to want to impress them. Maybe you just moved into a new apartment or built a new bar. Maybe you just got your first coffee table without water stains and you want to keep it that way. Regardless of the reasons, you’ll need a set (or two) of new, cool coasters. They’re a sign of maturity, that you have a serious job and care about things a little more than you did when you were younger.

Rug Coasters

Here’s a set of ten intricately designed, handmade looking coasters. In even the dimmest lights, these will stick out, start a conversation, and most importantly, save your tabletops. You can tantalize people with your tales of distant, exotic travel and pretend you brought these back with you.

Buy Now: $20

Frank Lloyd Wright Coasters

Give these to the artistic one in your life — even if you can’t give them an all expenses paid trip to Fallingwater, they’ll be impressed by the thought and settle for these coasters.

Buy Now: $27

Vintage Vogue Coasters

These modern-vintage-chic looking coasters are both hand designed and hand painted in Charlotte Cannon’s studio in Baltimore, Maryland. They’re wooden, well made, and better looking than water rings.

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DIY Round Bar Coasters

If you’re even slightly artistic–or have kids–get these and amaze your guests with some hand-painted coasters. You can reminisce on old memories, imagine owning your own pub, or turn them into tally-makers for the extra late nights; it’s up to you.

Buy Now: $16

Mini Wooden Pallet Drink Coasters

If you’ve got a minimal aesthetic going, like JJJJound, and your windowsill is lined with succulents, this one’s for you. It’s a sort of urban, industrial touch that’ll surprise even your trendiest of guests. Small, wooden pallets for your drink; the perfect moving material for your heavy porters.

Buy Now: $12

Kamenstein Coaster

If you’ve got an eye for great, vintage craftsmanship, these are just your style. They’re a sharp combination of Acacia wood and cork, with rounded lips to hold your can snugly in place. No spills here.

Buy Now: $10

Vintage Falstaff Coaster

Not a beer historian? Production of Falstaff Beer peaked in 1965 and plummeted nearly 70 percent over the next decade until it eventually ceased production in 2005. The brewery’s rights are owned by Pabst, but we probably will never see it brewed again. But it will be forever remembered as the first “Big Beer” gone bad.

Buy Now: $7

Wooden Coasters

These remind me of the 1970’s — of wood panel cars, houses, and sleek wooden tables. Send your parents, or yourself, into a nostalgic spiral with these. They’re blank, too, if you want to write some notes on them or turn them into a homemade drinking game.

Buy Now: $6

Recycled Six Pack Coasters

Are you the purveyor of all the new beers in your friend group? Are you stuck with Miller and Bud drinkers? Have they never had a beer that didn’t come in a 30-pack? Well, even these coasters will impress them. Using a variety of recycled six packs, these coasters become a collection of eclectic brews.

Buy Now: $15

Concrete, Cement Coasters

Do you love modern, minimal design? Exposed brick and tubing? These heavy-duty, mixed-material coasters are perfect parts industrial and well-designed. They’re simple, mature, and cool enough to catch your eye.

Buy Now: $5

Don’t Fuck Up The Table Coasters

Are you the responsible one? Have you got friends that couldn’t care less about your rules or the messes they make? Problem solved.

Buy Now: $20

Vintage Beatles Coasters

Is there a Beatles fan in your family? Does your friend know every word to any song John Lennon and Paul McCartney ever sang? Get them a set of these to ogle over.

Buy Now: $19

Casual Blue Coasters

These aren’t here to draw attention to themselves. They’re here to get the job done, be easily cleaned, and stored. They’re silicone coasters; plain and simple.

Buy Now: $20

Beer Nerd Coasters

Would you proudly refer to yourself as a “beer nerd?” Do you get defensive but jubilant when others do? These gold coated coasters are your award for nerd-dom. Cheers, nerd.

Buy Now: $12

Vintage Vinyl Coasters

Here’s a variety pack of sorts, filled with the centers of vintage records. No, you can’t play these coasters, but you can look ‘em up and stream them. Or, go to your local record store and seek their match.

Buy Now: $10

Humorous, Vintage Wooden Coasters

Are you and your friends getting a little bit older? Do your nights out end at 8 PM? Is everyone more concerned about getting to bed than the next round? First off, I’m sorry. Second, get these coasters and make fun of yourselves a little. “God Bless our Mortgaged Home,” and “Hangover Breakfast Recipe,” will make light of your age and maybe, just maybe, encourage the group to stick around for one more round.

Buy Now: $14

Jazz Coasters

Are you and your friends fascinated by the history of music? Have you envisioned the days long ago of smoky bars and sultry, smooth live jazz? These coasters, illustrated in the golden era encompass the whole thing: there’s Ellington, Carnegie Hall, and “Fats.”

Buy Now: $25

Wool Coasters

“Oh, Scott got Merino wool coasters for his new apartment? Wow, Scott’s so cool.” You could be Scott.

Buy Now: $20

Kate Spade Raise a Glass Coasters

Do you have a girlfriend who’s just getting into beer? Looking to bring a little stylish whimsy to your coffee table? Don’t overthink it, get these.

Buy Now: $25

Vintage, Floral Coasters

These handmade and hand-drawn coasters would look great beneath a hazy IPA. Or under any beer, for that matter. So, if I had my say, I’d tell you to buy these and put them out whenever you’re hosting a significant other’s parents. Pour them a white wine, pour yourself a hazy IPA, and impress them with your eye.

Buy Now: $16

Slate Beverage Coaster

The Brooklyn Slate Company sourced these slate coasters directly from their quarry in upstate New York. So, if you’re a New Yorker looking to cherish a literal piece of home, these would be a great buy. Even if you’re not, these high-quality coasters will not only look good, but they’ll last forever.

Buy Now: $27

Great Plains Coaster Set

These coasters are handwoven and dyed by African artisans, using local sweetgrass. The spiral design is hypnotic and calming. These handmade designs will add a beautiful, natural highlight to your drinking experience.

Buy Now: $39

Wood and Marble Coasters

Even if you don’t have a marble table or countertop just yet doesn’t mean you can’t have marble coasters. These beauties will make you feel both luxurious and shopping-savvy.

Buy Now: $8

Iridescent Shapes Coasters

If your new space or place has a more eclectic vibe, or maybe it has a subtle vibe your looking to pop with some color, get these. They’re handmade in Toronto, Canada and perfect for keeping your surfaces clean; they’ll prevent spills and stains with both ease and elegance. They’ll catch an eye or two, too.

Buy Now: $15

Saddle Leather Coasters

These are for the really important guests. They’re top of the line brown leather coasters – with a leather holder. There’s no gaudy logo on them, no branding, just great looking leather.

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