Tempe, AZ

Pedal Haus Brewery is a small craft beer operation in Tempe, Arizona. And while their branding has since changed (for whatever reason), I felt the need to share the original aesthetic, as created by celebrated graphic designer, Jon Contino of New York City.

With a heavy cycling focus, Pedal Haus played up the two-wheeled inspiration in its design narrative. Contino points out, “With a centralized location, the ability to ride a bike, park it, and enjoy your evening is a core experience of the brewery. The bicycle influence runs throughout the brand and is represented by many of the illustrative marks.”

With such inspiration as its backing–coupled with a solid color palette and an Arizona jack rabbit icon–the Tempe brewery launched with a well considered concept and plenty of playful visual stimulation.

With a history rooted in cycling and European brewing practices, the “badge” represents the many aspects that help define its culture. A badge shape references cycling culture, a jack rabbit adds some local flavor, and the mountains in combination with the North Star embody the spirit of adventure.

— Jon Contino, Designer

A diverse palette of alternate brand marks are peppered throughout the brewery. Even simple coasters expand the brand narrative with an array of alternate icons.

— Jon Contino

Not only does the jack rabbit represent grace and speed, but there just happens to be a giant jack rabbit statue alongside the brewery. As a landmark and an icon, the jack rabbit embodies all that is Pedal Haus.

— Jon Contino

Images courtesy of Jon Contino.