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This is a weekly series in which we feature beers from Craft Shack that are particularly rare, fantastic, or both.

One of our missions at Hop Culture is to make the craft beer movement — the culture, the beer, the knowledge — more accessible to everyone. For drinkers living outside of the major beer cities, or simply on the opposite coast from their favorite brewery, much of beer journalism is an exercise in unfulfillable coveting. If a beer isn’t distributed to your local beer store or bar, you aren’t drinking it. Not anymore.

For the price of shipping, drinkers living across America can get the nation’s best beer delivered straight to their door. So for those wanting to sample the best of the craft beer revolution, look no further. Here are the five best bottles of beer available online this week.

Kook, Pizza Port Brewing

Description: This double IPA from California is brewed with CTZ, Amarillo, El Dorado, Melon, and Chinook hops.
ABV: 8.5%
BA Score: 90

Buy Online: $4
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Long Swim, Kern River Brewing

Description: This double IPA, which won gold at The Bistro 16th Double IPA Festival, is brewed with Centennial, Amarillo, Citra, Cascade, and Eureka hops.
ABV: 8.2% ABV

Buy Online: $9
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What’s an American IPA?

Learn more about the most popular style in American craft beer. CLICK ME

Interurban IPA, Fremont Brewing Company

Description: Named after Fremont’s most famous outdoor sculpture, Waiting for the Interurban, Interurban IPA is brewed with organic Gambrinus roasted pale malt, a hand-selected blend of flavor malts, and Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade hops.
ABV: 6.2% ABV
BA Score: 86
Buy Online: $2
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Lush IPA, Fremont Brewing Company

Description: Brewed for spring, Lush is made with a hand-selected blend of malts and lush, tropical hops. For sunglasses and warmer weather.
ABV: 7.0% ABV
BA Score: 89
Buy Online: $2
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The Sister Imperial IPA, Fremont Brewing Company

Description: The Sister balances the same malt backbone as The Brother — 2-row, wheat, Vienna & Dextrapils malts — against Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, Calypso & Bravo hops. Drink carefully.
ABV: 8.5% ABV
BA Score: 90
Buy Online: $2
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