We hope everyone enjoyed Father’s Day this weekend with delicious beer and good times. If you took our advice, you most likely split a few tasty IPAs with dad.

We had some great beer this week including a classic witbier and a crushable lager from Florida. Here are five of the best beers we drank from June 3rd to the 10th.


Half Acre Beer Co. — Chicago, IL

IPA — In a sea of identical hazy IPAs, it’s refreshing to find something different. Enter Bodem, Half Acre’s new take on the modern, “go-to” IPA. It’s flavorful, easy to drink, and delicious. Get yourself a 4-pack and welcome the summer weather.

Editor’s Note: Half Acre will be attending Juicy Brews Art Gallery in Chicago, IL on July 20. Get your tickets here.

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Bob White

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery — Burlington, VT

Witbier — We haven’t had a lot of witbiers lately but when we get a quality one, it’s a treat. Bob White, which arrived in cute 12 oz. cans, was a delight. It was light, refreshing, and tasty with a slight spice kick. This should make frequent appearances at your backyard BBQs this summer.

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Snakes & Sparklers

Lost Tavern + Grist House — Hellertown, PA + Pittsburgh, PA

Sour Ale — I could almost taste the acidity reading through the laundry list of ingredients in this beer: blackberry, blueberry, black currant, lemon peel, cinnamon, vanilla, and lactose. But, against all odds, this beer managed to work. The flavors blended harmoniously with a pleasant tartness. Each adjunct felt like it belonged; the vanilla softened the blow of tart blackberries, cinnamon sweetened the sour lemon peel. There’s a chance the flavors will lose their power the longer you hold onto this beer, so crack it open soon!

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Punks in the Waiting Room

Sideward Brewing Co. — Orlando, FL

Lager — Our first introduction to Sideward was through its quality hazy IPAs, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover a crushable lager from the Orlando brewery. Punks in the Waiting Room (great name, great can design) was exactly what you need out of a craft lager: light, tasty, easy to throw back. It’s the perfect beer for a hot summer day.

Editor’s Note: Sideward will be attending Juicy Brews Art Gallery in Chicago, IL on July 20. Get your tickets here.

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Zero Gravity Craft Brewery — Burlington, VT

Double IPA– I don’t like to include two picks from the same brewery, but I couldn’t avoid it this week. We included Madonna in an article on the 7 best IPAs to drink out of a growler on Father’s Day and I was reminded how delicious this beer is. Madonna is a juicy Vermont IPA with tropical fruit and citrus notes. It’s a great beer for adventuring outdoors or relaxing in the backyard.

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