When you hear the words “bottle shop,” what comes to mind? Rows and rows of dusty shelves with curious treasures from Belgium? Gleaming fridges filled with fresh American IPAs? Whatever your vision, you’re probably not thinking of Arcadia Meat Market.

Located just outside of Scottsdale at 3950 E Indian School Rd #130, Arcadia Meat Market technically isn’t a bottle shop at all. Rather — as the name suggests — it’s a butcher shop. But what a shop! A partner at Arizona Grass Raised Beef (Arizona’s only certified grass-raised beer producer), owner Nick Addante specializes in all-natural meats from family-run farms and ranches across Arizona and beyond. This includes grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as non-GMO pork, free-range organic chicken, and more.

But despite Arcadia Meat Market’s nutritional chops (pun intended), we’re visiting for the beer. The shop is a hidden gem, featuring a small but curated collection of incredible craft beers and natural wines. For this reason, we’re calling Arcadia Meat Market the best bottle shop in Scottsdale right now.

The Meat at Arcadia Meat Market

arcadia meat market bottle shop

Photo courtesy of Arcadia Meat Market

Okay, we’re a beer magazine. But how are we going to write about Arcadia Meat Market without a note about the meats? (Although, to tie it back to beer, we do have a meat and beer pairing guide.)

“Arcadia meat market represents confidence in quality,” said Luke Wortendyke, head brewer at Phoenix-based Wren House Brewing Co.. “These guys truly care about getting you the highest cuts of meats — all coming from dedicated ranchers throughout Arizona.”

Whether it’s a New York Strip or a rack of lamb, you can trust Arcadia Meat Market to provide the highest level of quality possible. They work with over twenty ranchers, including Chiricahua Pasture Raised Meats, Top Knot Farms, and Sandlebay Ranch. None of their products ever contain hormones or antibiotics.

If we can stress one thing about Arcadia Meat Market, it’s that they only provide quality. This starts with their main focus — the meat — but extends to their other programs as well.

Provisions at Arcadia Meat Market

In addition to selling high-quality cuts, Arcadia has partnered with small businesses to sell “meat-adjacent” provisions. Grab some of Dawn Peterson’s Lillie Mae’s Pickled Goods, which come packaged in the type of heavy mason jar that any farmer’s market aficionado would love. Or try some Fiscalini cheese, or melt-in-your-mouth caramels from the Jacobsen Salt Company.

The provisions program is anchored in the idea of providing nourishing, transparent products to the community. In addition to those mentioned above, Arcadia Meat Market sells farm-fresh eggs, microgreens, and tasty baked goods.

“From the meat to the beer that gets served on our dinner table, very few nights are as satisfying as one that involves a trip to Arcadia Meat Market,” said Konrad Harla, Director of Sales & Logistics at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Craft Beer and Wine at Arcadia Meat Market

Photo courtesy of Arcadia Meat Market

If you’ve read this far, you deserve to know the real reason we called Arcadia Meat Market the best bottle shop in Scottsdale right now. That’s right — we’re talking the curated beverage selection.

On the wine side, Arcadia Meat Market focuses on in-state producers like Dos Cabezas, Page Springs, Arizona Stronghold, and Rune. The beer selection also focuses on premium local producers, including Wren House, Helio Basin, Huss, and Arizona Wilderness.

From Luke Wortendyke at Wren House to Konrad Harla at Arizona Wilderness, everyone in the beer industry had terrific things to say about Arcadia Meat Market. As a result, expect Arcadia Meat Market to carry rare or off-the-beaten-path offerings that usually don’t make it outside the brewery taproom.

The Final Word on Arcadia Meat Market

If you’re looking for selection, try the nearby Arcadia Premium, which carries over 300 craft beers and 100 wines. But for curation, you can’t do better than Arcadia Meat Market, our choice for the best bottle shop in Scottsdale right now.

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