One Tree House IPA Gets National Release

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp brings small brews national. READ NOW.

5000 Year Old Beer

Remember that 5,000 year old Chinese beer recipe we were talking about a couple weeks back? Well students at Stanford finally managed to recreate it. It was a Stanford professor who worked on the archeological team that discovered this recipe, and she had her class try to follow the recipe. The recipe was not exactly specific, so a wide variety of variations resulted, including some lumpy, fruity, and sour brews.

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Nutritional Facts Required

Beginning this May, chain restaurants with over 20 locations will now be required to provide calorie counts and nutritional information for all standard menu items. This includes beer and other booze. This news is great for the health conscious, but not so much for those of us who drink to forget our problems.

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Ethiopian Coffee IPA

Oskar Blues Brewery of Longmont, Colorado teamed up with another local business, Hotbox Roasters, to release their new seasonal beer using Ethiopian coffee beans. The beer, Hotbox Coffee IPA, comes in at 7.2% ABV and boasts blueberry, cream and chocolate notes in addition to its strong coffee and hop flavors.

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

This year’s annual Beer Camp 12-pack by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will feature collaboration beers with breweries around the world. The participating breweries are from Belgium, Germany, London, New Zealand, Japan and Denmark.

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New Ommegang

The Brewery Ommegang, now famous for its Game of Thrones collaborations, is releasing a new beer inspired by the mythical sirens that lured sailors to their death by singing them into trances. Their Siren’s Song is a dark ale brewing with raisins and figs with a 9% ABV that sure to put you in a trance too.

Beer To Buy: Arctic Devil Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barley Wine, Midnight Sun

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