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New Life For Old Breweries

Designer PJ Engel is making it his mission to breathe life back into old breweries by giving them complete branding and design makeovers. The project, called Resurrect Beer, involves making over one retired brewery from each state per week this year, and creating five can designs for them that would fit in with today’s beer market.

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Australian Brewery Is Coming

Australian Brewery is making its way into the American beer market. Three of their beers will now be distributed in the United States, including a saison ale, New World pilsner and pale ale.

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Budweiser On Mars

Last week Budweiser announced at SXSW they’re planning to create a microgravity beer meant to be consumed in space and on Mars. Carbonation is tricky in a zero-gravity environment, which is why they’ve enlisted space experts, astronauts, and even Kate Mara from The Martian to help.

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Lime-A-Rita For Women

AB InBev decided to market Lime-A-Ritas directly to women with their new “Make It A Margarita Moment” campaign, due to the fact that the brand has typically performed better with female buyers. Their new commercial features women foregoing their dinner plans in favor of staying in, hanging out and drinking Lime-A-Ritas.

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