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Stone Brewing Sets Record Straight

After reading news coverage that the company called “laughably inaccurate,” Stone Brewing set the record straight on Stone Full Circle Pale Ale, a beer they brewed with purified reclaimed water to help promote Pure Water San Diego.

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New VP for Bud Light

AB InBev just promoted Andy Goeler, who served as vice president of marketing for the company’s craft and import focused “High End” brands, to vice president of Bud Light, the nation’s largest beer brand.

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Golden Road Taproom

In another big move, AB InBev-owned company Golden Road Brewing is opening a 7,000 square foot brewery and beer garden in North Oakland, California. The entire building will be built with shipping containers. This taproom poses a threat to the local breweries, adding fuel to the fears of corporate takeover in the beer market.

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Beer To Buy: Sugarmaker, Grimm

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