French press. Chemex. Drip. However you make it, coffee is an essential — nay, sacred — part of your morning ritual. And as we’re stuck in the work-from-home mode for the foreseeable future, obtaining that tasty cup of joe has become more difficult.

Although Hop Culture is primarily a craft beer publication, coffee is central to our DNA. Every one of our trips around the country is marked by stops at coffee shops. In Columbus, we fell in love with Fox in the Snow. After a sleepover at Humble Sea’s brewery, we had breakfast at nearby Verve. We met for our quarterly team meeting in Portland, Maine at Tandem.

It’s safe to say we care about coffee nearly as much as beer.

The Hop Culture Coffee Club

In the midst of coronavirus, we’re thrilled to present a new project that will make your work-from-home experience just a bit brighter. At the same time, it’ll help you support small businesses around the country.

The brand new Hop Culture Coffee Club is a monthly craft coffee subscription service. But since we’re a beer magazine, we decided to give it our own spin. Rather than just seeking out our favorite coffee roasters, we’re teaming up with six of our favorite brewers who also happen to roast their own coffee. Every month for six months, members of the club will receive two 12 oz. bags of freshly roasted, whole beans straight to their door. Additionally, club members will receive a bi-weekly newsletter — The Hop Culture Morning Edition — with info about the coffee they’ve received, a curated playlist of morning tunes, some long-reads to enjoy while sipping that delicious coffee, and more.

To kick things off, we’re opening the first round of the coffee club to only 100 subscribers. Membership will open to the public on Wednesday, April 1st at noon EST (no, this isn’t an elaborate April Fool’s joke). The cost is $42 a month (that’s $21 for each 12 oz. bag, which includes shipping, tax, and other fees). We’ll aim to begin shipping out orders the second week of April.

The Lineup

We knew we wanted to launch the Hop Culture Coffee Club as a way to support small and local businesses. And, as an added bonus, this first round of the club features craft breweries (as well as one California coffee roastery that won Roast Magazine’s “2020 Roaster of the Year” award and partners with some of the best craft breweries in the country). Below is the lineup of breweries providing those sweet beans for the Hop Culture Coffee Club:

April 2020: Night Shift Brewing
May 2020: Hoof Hearted Brewery and Kitchen
June 2020: Modern Times Beer
July 2020: Mostra Coffee
August 2020: Percival Brewing Company
September 2020: Trillium Brewing Co. (Roasted by Barrington Coffee Roasting Co.)

Interested? Sign up below.

Buy Now: $42/month

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