At the Juicy Brews Homecoming Beer Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we got to use a portable glass rinsing device called the Liquid Integrity InstaRinse. In a sea of hazy IPAs, kettle sours, and pretzel necklaces, it was easily one of the most eye-catching elements of the festival.

About the size of a paperback book, the InstaRinse sat on the entry table. When people came into the festival to collect their tasting glasses, the person staffing the table flipped the glass upside down and pressed it against the InstaRinse’s spring-activated rinsing pad.

A moment later, a powerful jet of water shot into the glass, rinsing out any dust or beer. Then gravity carried the water back down the glass’s sides, where it drained through the pad and into a bucket.

The InstaRinse’s effect on the festival can’t be overstated. At a normal event, we rinse out dirty glasses with plastic spray bottles, which we put on each table. These are not only expensive, but they take a long time to fill. And frankly, they’re a little tacky. Additionally, they’re a slow way to clean glasses, so lines back up quickly.

liquid integrity glass rinser review

But the InstaRinse was instant. It didn’t need to be refilled and cut lines in half. Not only that, but it worked efficiently, providing everyone with freshly rinsed tasting glasses. And perhaps most importantly, it looked awesome, adding a bit of technological flair to an already flashy event.

The History Of The InstaRinse


The InstaRinse is the signature product from a Washington, D.C.-based company called Liquid Integrity. The company launched in 2015 with the sole goal of helping drinkers experience a beverage the way its producer intended.

In addition to producing the InstaRinse, Liquid Integrity designs and installs draft systems for bars, restaurants, and taprooms.

The Liquid Integrity team consists of CEO Nahem “Woz” Simon, the beer director at D.C.’s epic Jack Rose Dining Saloon. Then there’s CFO Mick Nardelli, a Pittsburgh-native known as “The Craft Beer Lobbyist” for his pro-craft work on Capitol Hill, and COO Tad Dmuchowski, a veteran with beer experience from Bier Baron and City Taphouse.

Who Is The InstaRinse Made For?

Liquid Integrity made the InstaRinse as a professional tool, but that’s what makes it great for the average consumer. After all, if it’s good enough for the best festivals in the country, it’s probably good enough for your kitchen counter.

For instance, instead of vinyl tubing, the InstaRinse uses PVC and BPA free Eldon James Tubing, which is 70% more resistant to infectious agents. And because it’s made for professional use, it’s rugged enough to throw into a backpack or bag without breaking.


So if you’re a brewer looking to improve the consumer experience at a festival, the InstaRinse is the perfect tool. And if you’re an average drinker who wants to take your bottle share to the next level, the InstaRinse makes a great beer gift for you, too.

The Bottom Line On Liquid Integrity’s InstaRinse

If you’re looking for a high-end gift for your brewer friend, or a distinctive gift for your favorite beer drinker, look no further than Liquid Integrity’s InstaRinse.

Photo by Nick Naretto / @thetangleleg

One disclaimer — the InstaRinse isn’t a dishwasher. If that’s what you’re looking for, a sponge, soap, and hot water are still your best friend. Still, it’s a professional tool every brewer should use at festivals, and a handy way to elevate the at-home drinking experience.

Unlike the dime-a-dozen bottle openers, koozies, or shirts that every beer fan gets as gifts and throws in the back of his or her closet, the Liquid Integrity InstaRinse is something useful. It’s a terrific, unique gift to get anyone who loves craft beer.

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