Summer’s here! Grab a beer! And a meat thermometer!

Okay, in my head that rhymed. And it kind of does. But forget that — it’s important that if you plan to grill this summer, you pick up the ThermoPro DP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer. Seriously. I don’t know if I’ve ever used a gadget that has worked so well.

Before I got the ThermoPro DP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer, I never considered myself a good cook. But this device completely changed my game. Two nights ago, I made medium rare steak that literally melted in my mouth. Last night, it was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside grilled chicken with pineapple.

When I say the ThermoPro DP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer changed my life, I’m not kidding. Overnight, I went from a worse-than-average chef to a certifiable grill master.

What Is A Wireless Meat Thermometer?

When you order a “rare” or “medium” or “well-done” piece of meat, you’re actually talking about internal temperature. For a nice steak, you’re looking at around 125 degrees for a cool red center, 135 degrees for a warm red center, 145 degrees for a warm pink center, and 160 degrees for no pink at all.

Sure, you could guess. But then you’d look like me from last week, sheepishly making excuses to your barbecue guests for why their steak or burger or chicken came out just a little too overdone.

In its simplest form, a meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking temperatures. A wireless meat thermometer does the same thing — wirelessly. Meaning you can actually stick a probe into your steak, go inside to get a beer, and drink with your friends while you continue monitoring the meat.

Why Buy The ThermoPro DP20?


Meat thermometers have been around for ages, so why spend $56 on a wireless one? And on this one, specifically?

For one, with a wireless thermometer, you insert the heatproof probe into the meat before it goes on the grill, meaning you’re not risking your hands over a flame.

Conveniently, the ThermoPro DP20 actually has two probes, meaning you can simultaneously monitor the internal temperature of two different meats. Steak and chicken? Salmon and burgers? You have a lot of options.

For those who don’t want to Google “cooking temp steak medium rare,” the ThermoPro DP20 actually has several preset modes for five tastes (rare, medium rare, etc.) and nine types of meat. And if you disagree with the settings (it comes preloaded with the USDA recommendations), you can manually reset them.

Other than its durability, perhaps my favorite part of the ThermoPro DP20 is the easy-to-read monitor, which you can bring up to 300 feet away before it loses connection. Last week, after placing my probes into chicken and setting it on the grill, I came inside to talk to my friends. I set the probe down on the table; it beeped to alert me the chicken was done. I went outside and BAM! Perfect chicken breast.

The Bottom Line On The ThermoPro DP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer

If you’ve ever wanted to up your grill game, this is the way to do it. For less than $60, you can get perfectly cooked meat, every single time. And think of how much money you’ll save by eating in — since I got the thermometer, my fiancé and I haven’t wanted to eat outside the house!

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