Updated on February 8, 2021

The love of your life has another love in their life. Their borderline fanatical courtship comes in the form of stocking your fridge with cans of Burley Oak J.R.E.A.M, leaving their side of the bed cold on a Saturday morning to go stand in line for three hours at an Other Half can release, and wearing a Jester King hoodie to your family dinners. We understand. So, for all those beer lovers who are your true love, here are 14 gifts to complete their Valentine’s Day (and you).

uKeg Pressurized Growler


uCan take your beer anywhere with the uKeg. If your steady sidekick wants to kick it on the beach, take you on a date to the park, or even Netflix and chill at home, the uKeg half-gallon growler will keep their prized beer cold and freshly carbonated for up to two weeks (perfect for Game of Thrones bingeing). We loved this growler so much we included it in some of our other gear lists. Whether on the go or at home, the 64oz toter’s durable double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bear hugs their cherished craft beer to chilly, fizzy perfection. Game on growler. Game on.

Buy Now: $159

Jungle Juice Tumbler


Our latest beer glass just dropped about a week ago and we still have a few left! This particular release was a collaboration with LA-based clothing company T.V. Dad, which stocks some of our favorite cartoon-inspired merch around. The glass was designed by Ales Div, who was tasked with creating a nostalgic sippy cup-inspired glass. And I think they nailed it. Scoop one up before they’re all gone!

Buy Now: $20

Halfway Crooks Lager Lager Lager Lager Sweatshirt


Your significant other might be nice but lager love is forever. Share that love with your life partner with one of the most stylish shirts around. Atlanta’s Halfway Crooks produces some of our favorite merch in craft beer. So if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe, look no further.

Buy Now: $25

New Air Beer Fridge

new air beer fridge

Nothing says “I love you” like cold beer. Sure, this might be a pricey purchase, but your SO is worth it. But seriously, there are few better gifts for ardent beer lovers than a dedicated beer fridge. And there are few better beer fridges than the New Air beer fridge. With customizable shelving, we can fit a variety of up to 125 and cans and bottles. Plus, the sturdy, stylish design will look great in your kitchen.

Buy Now: $259

Brew Ha Ha! Beer Drinking Game


Combine Cards Against Humanity with…well drinking and you’ll create Brew Ha Ha! A game of wits and pints, Brew Ha Ha! pits you against your friends to find the funniest, wittiest, or most compelling flavor descriptions for different styles of beer. Players take turns playing judge while the rest of the group sets down the card they think best fits the beer sampled during that round. In essence, the more you drink the more you win.

Buy Now: $30

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

mikkeller beer geek breakfast stout caffeine

One of my first Valentine’s Day gifts from my fiancée was actually a homebrew kit. Beer making kits make great gifts for the beer lover in your life. And, brewing a beer in your kitchen could make for a great couple’s activity. Brooklyn Bre Shop stocks some of our favorite homebrew kits on the market. And, if you’re looking for one in particular, we think the Mikkeller Beer Geek stout is among their best.

Buy Now: $45+

Brewed2Burn Beer Candles


On the quick hit list of romance, sandwiched in between Whitney Houston records, bubble baths, and roses you often find scented candles. Pardon the pun, but no ordinary candle can hold a candle to these waxy wonders. These beer and cider candles are the perfect way to set the mood with the beer lover in your life!

Buy Now: $40



You’ve heard the complaint so many times before: If only I lived closer to Vermont I might have a chance to nab a case of Heady Topper. The solution: Tavour. The personal service delivers rare beers to your doorstep no matter how far away you are from your favorite brewery. You join for free and only pay for the beers you choose to try. We gave them a test drive here in the Hop Culture office and were pleasantly surprised. Learn about exclusive releases and beers exclusively through the Tavour app and then create your own personal cellar. Tavour will store your beer in their temperature controlled cellar until you decide to have it shipped. Excellent craft beer delivered right to your house. Boom. Toasted!

Learn More

Hopped Up Coffee


A riddle: What is both an upper and a downer? The start to your morning and the end to your day? A brew for your brewski? Dreamed up by the innovate duo of Sean Bodbey and Eric Wisner, Hopped Up Coffee combes two of your admirer’s favorite drinks – coffee and beer – into one. These bags of brew blend beer ingredients such as barley and hops with coffee grounds for a brew equal parts bitter, rich, roasty, malty and hoppy for a whole new take on a coffee stout.

Buy Now: $24

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks


Screw off your beer top in style without having to carry around a bottle opener. These cufflinks double as a bottle opener for a gadget that’s both functional and fashionable. Because all great deals are sealed over an unsealed beer or two.

Buy Now: $25

MiiR Camp Cup

miir camp cup pouring a beer

Priding themselves on being at that nexus of water, earth, and relationships with people, MiiR crafts these beautiful throwback drinking vessels with durability in mind. Versatile and enhanced with Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology, the Camp Cup is perfect for keeping your beer cold. Or, even your coffee hot. So if you have a beer lover, or coffee lover, in your life, this gift is ideal.

Buy Now: $25

Fermented Reality Cups

fermented reality ipa cup

Now more than ever we’re mindful of the planet. Combining a unique design with eco-friendly materials, the Fermented Reality B cup is durable and sustainable. So if your significant other enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, this is the beer cup for them. Fermented Reality makes several cups ideal for a variety of styles so you can snag a whole set or just choose your favorite.

Buy Now: $18

The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth


Grow your heartthrobs beer breadth with the comprehensive and fully-loaded dictionary on every style of beer. Covering the gamut from IPAs to weisses and wits to stouts and porters this tome translates the unique characteristics and descriptions of each style into easy-to-read tasting notes. Connect the dots between sub-styles with helpful infographic charts and try real-world examples of your favorite styles with the recommended lists. This book should be in the library of every prescribed craft beer geek.

Buy Now: $14

Moleskin Beer Journal


If your significant other wants to write their own beer book someday (or maybe move of out the garage and into their own brewery) they’ll need to take some extensive notes. Moleskin’s Beer Journal helps keep track of everything with five themed sections, five tabbed sections, and space for tasting notes, brewery information, and fun stickers. You’ll also find among the pages a beer glossary, pouring tips, glass types, a homebrewing log, and space for your own recipes. Drink and dream on.

Buy Now: $23

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