Making our morning cup of coffee is a ritual. A graceful dance, if you will. The music is the hum of grinding beans and the bubble of heating water. The mood is set by the sweet, roasty smell filling the kitchen. Like dance, it’s meditative but exact. Each step is crucial, from the precise measurement of grounds to the time needed for the coffee to bloom.

If you can’t tell, we take coffee seriously, and we’ve got the gear to prove it. (We’ve also got the beans — if you’re looking for a steady supply of craft coffee, check out the Hop Culture Coffee Club.) From our preferred brewing methods to our favorite vessels, here are the essential pieces of coffee gear that the Hop Culture team swears by.

The Coffee Gear Keeping the Hop Culture Team Fueled:


coffee gear chemex

“I think I’ve always enjoyed coffee, but I became a true aficionado when I worked at Gear Patrol. Every day, we’d get some new piece of coffee machinery to test in the office, but my favorite was always the stylish Chemex. Few pieces of kitchenware are as striking and recognizable. Like the way the Eames chair revolutionized interior furniture design, or the Rastal teku changed beer glassware, the Chemex combines modern aesthetics and simple functionality in a standout coffee maker.

The 3-cup Chemex is solid for a solo cup of coffee but we use the OG 6-cup at Hop Culture HQ. Grind up your coffee. Put the coffee in the filter. Put the filter in the Chemex. Pour water over the filter. Voila.

If you’re going to make coffee using a Chemex, you’ll need a steady supply of Chemex coffee filters (normal filters just don’t cut it) and patience because pour-over coffee isn’t automatic. But the result is one of the best cups of coffee you can make from home.” — Kenny Gould, Founder

Buy Now: $41

Gooseneck Kettle

gooseneck kettle coffee gear

“If you plan on brewing any form of pour-over coffee, you best get yourself a gooseneck kettle. The added control and stability in pouring completely changes the game — whether you’re making coffee or even tea. There are some flashy options like the chic Fellow Stagg EKG, which offers precise temperature control, but I’m perfectly comfortable with my slightly janky but completely functional stainless steel stovetop kettle. It more than does the job and looks industrial and stark in its permanent home on my front right burner.” — John A. Paradiso, Managing Editor

Buy Now: $40

MiiR Alone Yet Together Camp Cup


“These are strange times. Now more than ever, we’re all looking for a way to connect. whether it’s through a virtual morning coffee session with our teams or virtual happy hours with our friends. MiiR’s Alone Together Camp Cup is an artful and beautiful way to enjoy your morning java while reminding us that we’re all in this together.

Designed by artist Kyler Martz, this custom mug holds 12oz of my favorite coffee and will be an immediate conversation starter when I inconspicuously sip from it during my next Zoom gathering. My favorite feature (besides the awesome design) is that $5 of every cup sold will be donated to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund to help support food banks across the country.” — Grace Weitz, Partnerships Manager

Preorder: $30

Bialetti Moka 3C

coffee gear bialetti moka 3 cup

“My love affair with stovetop espresso started on a family trip to Tuscany way back in middle school. Nothing beats the simplicity of the setup or the smell that fills the room once your brew is ready. Bialetti’s three cup size is damn cute and it makes the perfect travel companion on any getaway. Oh, and forget the sugar and milk — I’ll take my espresso black and in its appropriately-sized cup (as one should).” — Gray Van Dyke, Editorial Intern

Buy Now: $20

Nespresso Pixie


Espresso is one of my favorite afternoon pick-me-up treats. When I need a quick hit of caffeine to last through my 3pm slump the Nespresso Pixie fits the bill. Small, compact, and fast, the Pixie brews an espresso in less that 25 seconds. I just need to pop in a Gourmesso pod, hit the brew button and I’m good to go.  — Grace, Partnerships Manager 

Buy Pixie Now: $164 Buy Gourmesso Pods: Subscribe and Save 10%

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder


“If there’s one piece of gear that upped my coffee game more than anything, it’s the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder. This bad boy is commonly regarded as the gold standard for anyone looking to make a better cup of joe. Operation couldn’t be simpler: put whole beans in the top, set the grind (20 for Chemex; 28 for French Press), and turn the machine to “on.” A couple seconds later, you have perfectly ground coffee.

Granted, I haven’t used many other electronic grinders, but I don’t need to. The Baratza Encore is a joy to use and gets the job done. While some Amazon reviews claim their devices stopped working after a few uses, mine has been humming for about two years.

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is one of the best early pieces of gear you can get for someone looking to improve their coffee game. It opens up the entire world of whole beans, which is as different from store-ground coffee as Miller Lite is from Maine Beer Company’s Dinner. This is the device that made me realize I was playing tennis with a badminton racket.” — Kenny Gould

Buy Now: $139

Taylor Glasstop Kitchen Scale


“Ok. I’m taking off my coffee nerd hat and just talking to you human-to-human. If you don’t already have a kitchen scale, you need to change that ASAP. I’m not just talking about measuring those juicy coffee beans you’ve got sitting in your cabinet. A kitchen scale is an essential component of cooking.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Now, my choice for an affordable and quality scale is the black-finish Taylor glasstop kitchen scale. It looks great and gets the job done every time. Plus, with one quick swipe of a clean dish towel, regardless of whether I’m weighing coffee beans, flour, or veggies, this kitchen warrior shines.” — John A. Paradiso

Buy Now: $20

Snow Peak Titanium Kanpai Bottle

coffee gear snow peak thermos

“After grinding the beans, boiling the water, and brewing the coffee, the last thing I want is for my piping hot brew to turn into a tepid stew 15 minutes later. Snow Peak’s Titanium Kanpai Bottle keeps my java hot for over six hours! The best part? I can use it to keep my beer cold, too. Yes, this is a little pricey. But, add up the mountain of coffee mugs, growlers, and tumblers I have collecting dust on my shelves and replace them with this sleek bottle. I’m pretty sure I still come out on top. I promise this is the last water bottle/travel mug/mini cooler/growler/soup holder you’ll ever need. ” — Grace Weitz

Buy Now: $159

Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip

coffee gear scoop clip

“Do you enjoy hunting for that pesky scoop that’s deeper in your coffee grounds than buried treasure? Yeah, me neither. While it’s not the sexiest piece of coffee equipment, this coffee scoop and bag clip is a practical must-have. Leave the digging to the pirates, because this piece of coffee gear is a gamechanger. Doubling as a clip, this handy scoop can serve up the perfect portion and keep your grounds good ‘till your next round of morning coffee.” — Gray Van Dyke

Buy Now: $5 for two

Bodum Brazil French Press


I ordered this humungous  French press as soon as I moved to my new apartment in Oakland. Bodum is a Danish design company that produces a slew of affordable, streamlined coffee products. This sleek coffeemaker generates 12 cups of coffee, meaning my wife and I never run out of fresh caffeine during the day. We even use the leftover grounds to make a fresh batch of cold brew! – Grace Weitz

Buy Now: $18

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