Updated on November 15, 2023

Drinking beer in the shower is as natural to the progression of humankind as discovering fire, inventing the wheel, and developing written language.

And these are the golden rules of shower beer.

Rule 1: No Glass

sudski drinking beer in the shower

The first and most important rule when drinking beer in the shower is to avoid glass. Like hanging out around the pool, nothing spoils the experience faster than a broken bottle.

The canned beer is central to the experience. So much so that I would say if you can’t find the beer you want in a can, find something else.

Rule 2: Intend to Finish

When selecting your go-to shower beer, pick it with the intention of finishing it. You’re meant to consume a shower beer before you’re done lathering.

It’s primarily the principle of the thing. Shower beer has, for most of history, been a post-yard work slam session. And before the craft beer explosion, that was almost always with a mainline American lager.

It’s also based on some practicality. By the time you get out, that beer will be a little warm, soggy, and leaving a trail of suds in its wake.

the beer spa denver shower beer
Shower beer! | Photography courtesy of Grace Weitz

Rule 3: Go Sessionable

When drinking beer in the shower, I’d recommend reaching for something sessionable and refreshing.

A session IPA—like any of these “12 Best Session IPAs Available in Most Stores Right Now”—is always a good choice. But so is your favorite local lager—like a helles, zesty witbier, go-to American cream ale, or crisp pilsner.

Every once in a while, though, you might find yourself reaching for that big, juicy, 7% ABV New England-style IPA, and I won’t try to stop you, especially if it’s one of Untappd’s All-Time Top-Rated New England/Hazy IPAs!

Rule 4: Position Strategically

sudski shower beer

Positioning the beer is everything. For this, however, it will depend on your shower.

Every shower splashes a different way. Your goal is to get the beer in prime positioning, not to get splashed in, especially when the shampoo starts flying.

Some showers out of the box have enough shelf-like surfaces to rest your beer on safely, but I’d up your game and take the guess-work out with a Sudski.

With the Sudski, you can put your beer holder anywhere. And once it’s up, you can count on it staying there.

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What are your shower beer tips and tricks? Let us know!

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